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UK Search Engine Submission


  • Submission to thousands of search engines, directories and links pages worldwide
  • Submission to UK specific search engines*
  • Manual submission to major search engines, including Yahoo and Google.
  • Free site review and ranking advice before submission
  • Detailed submission report via email
  • Discount for bulk orders


Many times we get asked the question if submission services really work. The honest answer here is that submission alone is not enough. If you expect to get top rankings in the search engines a lot more needs to be done besides submission.

Submission is the first step to the whole process. Unless your website is optimized for search engine placement it will not rank high in most engines. Therefore, we have added another service as a bonus to our website submission services. We will manually review your website before submission and let you know exactly what to modify on your site and what other steps to take to optimize it for best possible rankings. We will review your site for any types of problems that might cause search engines not to spider your site or anything that might penalize you. We will recommend the best title tags, Meta Tags, and content for your site.

Many times we see people still using keywords repeated hundreds of times on a page or keywords in the same color as the background. These days many such techniques are considered spam and obsolete. Unless you consult with an expert or do your own extensive research you may not even know that your site has problems.

We will give you as long as you need to make the modifications before we actually submit your site. When you are ready for submission, you just send us an email and we will submit your site right away.

Your site would be submitted to over 75,000 search engines, directories and Free For All (FFA) links pages. After submission we will send you a detailed report via email on exactly what search engines you were submitted to. You will be able to go to each search engine to verify your listing.

Click below to see a sample of places we submit to:

We will also manually hand submit your site to the following major search engines: Yahoo (which also powers AltaVista, HotBot, AlltheWeb and others), Google (which also powers AOL) and MSN Search. Note that Yahoo, AltaVista and MSN no longer accepts automated submissions, so do not get fooled by some other companies claiming to submit you to these engines with their software.

For the best results we recommend that you submit once a month. Some search engines drop sites after a few weeks. To stay listed and not risk being dropped, we recommend that you choose one of our multiple submission options and save over 35%.

*Note: In order to be included in all UK based search engines, your site must either have a .uk extension or be physically located in the UK. Many of the UK based search engines have strict requirements about this and may not accept your submission if you do not qualify.


We offer the following options:

1 URL submission
1 URL Submission - Monthly for 6 months (Save $49.75)
1 URL Submission - Monthly for 1 year (Save $109.45)
1 URL Submission - Quarterly for 1 year - 4 Total Submission (Save $29.85)
2 URL submission - (For 2 Sites) (Save $9.95)
3 URL submission - (For 3 Sites) (Save $19.90)
4 URL submission - (For 4Sites) (Save $29.85)




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