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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

What it takes to become #1 in the major search engines

Below are some tips on how to get good rankings in the major search engines. These days it is not easy to achieve high rankings and it will take a lot of work, patience and time.

1- Content is King

- Create Title tags with keywords. For example, if your site is www.newegg.com and you sell Computer Parts and Accessories, instead of your title saying "Newegg", it should say something like "Newegg - Computer Parts and Accessories"

- Use a lot of text on your site. At minimum we would recommend 100 words. Search engines cannot read graphics. If your site is primarily graphic based, then it will have trouble getting good rankings.

- Create Meta Tags for your site. Meta Tags are code hidden in the background that tell search engines what your keywords and descriptions are. Almost all Web Design programs like DreamWeaver and Frontpage have an option to insert Keyword and Description Meta Tags. However, if you are hand coding with HTML then you can use our Meta Tags Generator to create Meta Tags.

- Use your most important keywords about 3-8 times per 100 words.

- You can use our Meta Tags and Keyword Analyzer to check your keyword Density and make sure your Meta Tags are in the correct format and length.

- Create a lot of pages of content on your site

- On each page of your site use relevant title tags that have keywords

- If you are using a shopping cart system or have a database driven site, make sure it is search engine friendly and configured to pull the item titles and puts them in your title tags and descriptions are pulled to be placed in your Meta Tags.

2- Link Popularity

- The more links there are to your site the better your rankings will be

- Start a link exchange campaign with similar sites in your industry. You can look for link partners or post requests in our Link Exchange Request Forum.

- The more relevant the page linking to you the better

- Download the Google Toolbar and check the PageRank of the sites that you would want to do link exchange with. Try to only link with sites having a link pages of PR 3 or more.

- Purchase banner ads or text links on other sites, but make sure not to use tracking code as that will not benefit your link popularity. You want the link to be a straight link to your domain.

- Include your keywords in the anchor text of the links. For example, if your site is www.newegg.com and you sell Computer Parts and Accessories, instead of your title saying "Newegg", it should say "Newegg - Computer Parts and Accessories"

- Check your Link Popularity using our Link Popularity Check Tool to keep up with your progress.

3- Internal Linking Structure

- Make sure that your most important pages are linked from all of your other pages.

- If you are using graphical, Java Script or Flash based navigation and link buttons, then create text links on the bottom of all your pages.

- Try to include keywords in your text links to your internal pages. This will tell the search engines what your pages are about.

4- Submission to Search Engines and Directories

- Do submit your site to major search engines manually or using a website submission service like ours. It will speed up the process of your site being discovered, specially if it is a new site and you do not have any links.

- For brand new sites or sites that change their content on daily basis, we highly recommend the Overture Sitematch program which powers the Yahoo Database and will spider your site every 48 hours. If your site has been around for a while, your main page probably does not need this, but your sub-pages might need it.

- Submit your site to Dmoz Open Directory which is free. However, it might take months before someone reviews your site.

- Submit your site to Yahoo Directory for $299.00 ($600 for adult sites).

- Look for free or fee based directories that have been around for a while and have high Google Pageranks. We have done some research and have found that the following directories will help your search engine rankings as they have high PageRanks and are indexed frequently (and in depth) by Search Engines. In addition, you would get a link from a relevant category which would also help your rankings.

Price: $39.99
Price $40.00
Price: $29.95

- Look for industry related directories and submit your site to them.

5- Other Resources

- Read the past issues of our Search Engine Newsletter for more tips.

- Join and participate in our Search Engine Forums.

- Search Engine Watch is one of the leading SEO related news and tips websites.


6- Hire an Expert Search Engine Optimizer

- If you are overwhelmed with all of the above and do not have the time to do it yourself, then hire an SEO Company like us to do the work for you. You can complete the this form for a quote request. SEO is not an easy task and takes a lot of work, knowledge and experience. Better to leave this to pros unless you really have the time to learn about it.

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